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INTRODUCTION: From unsustainable to sustainable development
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CS1 Development on a national scale in a developing country
Why does development need to be sustainable?
Unsustainable development : deprivation in Bangladesh
Sustainable development : micro-finance in Bangladesh
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CS2 Oil production on a regional scale in a developing country
Can oil production provide sustainable development?
Unsustainable development: the Ogoni community destroyed by oil production
Sustainable development: the Akassa community benefiting from oil production
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CS3 Farming on a national & local scale in an emerging country
Why choosing sustainable farming?
Unsustainable farming: coffee crisis in Mexico
Sustainable farming: fair trade organic coffee in Oaxaca
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CS4 Water management on a national scale in a developed country
How necessary is sustainable water management?
Unsustainable management: Australia's water crisis
Sustainable management: Australia's water conservation
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CS5 Urban management on a local scale in a developedcountry
Is urban management always sustainable?
Unsustainable management: Leicester's urban crisis
Sustainable management: Leicester's urban regeneration
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INTRODUCTION: Immigration, from hope to reality
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CS1 Leaving home for America
What were the reasons for European immigration to the USA?
Leaving home: push factors
Going to America: pull factors
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CS2 Arriving in America
What happened to immigrants when they arrived in the USA?
Landing in New York City: entering the USA
Settling in America
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CS3 Integration or discrimination?
Did immigrants integrate easily?
Integration: forming a multicultural society
Dicrimination: victim of prejudice
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CS4 Deprivation or success?
Were immigrants successful or not?
Deprivation: hard life, hard labour
Success: climbing the social ladder
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CS5 The American dream today
Has immigration changed since the 19th century?
Changing immigration?
The same hopes
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• 1689 UK & 1787 US : new political regimes
Polical regimes
The separation of powers
The balance of powers
The sovereignty of the people
• UK's parliamentary monarchy and US republic today
The Queen's role

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