TEST 1: Commenting on 2 documents

Guideline - IMMIGRATION TO THE UK: to what extent is the UK a magnet for migrants?

Stage 1: Introduction - Presenting the documents
Similarities: Both documents deals with the impact of international migrations to the UK in a context of globalisation (def) and more precisely with the migrant crisis on a local scale in Calais.
Differences: The first doc is a cartoon by Kate Evans entitled Threads, The Calais cartoon, published in 2015 and showing the Calais "Jungle". The 2nd doc is an article by Andrew Osborn from Reuters News Agency published on 3rd August 2015 about the political impact of the migrant crisis.
Announce structure: In a 1st part I'll use the cartoon to describe the situation in the Calais Jungle and in a 2nd part I will analyse the impact of this crisis thanks to the article.

Stage 2: Analysing the documents

DESCRIBING - What you see (docs)
INTERPRETING - What you know (notions)
1. Immigration to Britain (poster)

- Celebrating diversity: Photo proud, smiling people + worldwide origin (Poland, Kashmir, Syria, USA) + occupation (firefighter, bus driver = unskilled) therapist, journalist = skilled)
- The main message = I’m not British but I help the British … so don’t hate me... with the slogan “I am an immigrant” + text giving their contribution to UK economy or society =>

Who: Profiles and origins
Unskilled = EU A8 after 2004 (notions), CW (def) before 2003,
+ Skilled = US brain drain (def), refugee (def) arc of crisis (def)
Cosmopolitan, multicultural (def) UK => integration versus prejudice

2. A new trend / One example: Polish re-emigration (article)
P1 Going to Britain
- Since 2004 in the EU, many Eastern European (EE) migrated to the UK, like Ana for adventure
- BUT not really for jobs: skilled workers work in unskilled jobs => short stay
P2 Going back home
- Ana back to Warsaw to start her ownbusiness
- similar trend for other EE migrants due to UK recession : going back or not leaving EE

- Eastern European migrants: UK not in Schengen (def) but agreement with new A8 members in 2004
- Pull factor (def): economic growth in the UK a more developed country, personal adventure

+ Push factor (def): economic recession + 3D jobs (def) for skilled workers
=> Circular, re-emigration (def)

Stage 3: Concluding
Assess docs (reliable/biased justified) To conclude, both docs are reliable as we have their full references, the poster is biased because it promotes integration whereas the article is unbiased, giving the facts without any comment, opinion.
Sum-up ideas Both documents show that even if, although Britain attracts immigrants, life and integration there can prove difficult, which explains Source 1 campaign and the reference to re-emigration in Source 2. + Open on emigration from the UK.