Method 1: Commenting on 2 documents

Stage 1: introduction - Presenting the documents
Similarities: Both documents deal with the impact of international migrations to the UK in a context of globalisation (def) and more precisely with the migrant crisis on a local scale in Calais.
Differences: The first doc is a cartoon by Kate Evans entitled Threads, The Calais cartoon, published in 2015 and showing the Calais "Jungle". The 2nd doc is an article by Andrew Osborn from Reuters News Agency published on 3rd August 2015 about the political impact of the migrant crisis.
Announce structure: In a 1st part I'll use the cartoon to describe the situation in the Calais Jungle and in a 2nd part I will analyse the impact of this crisis thanks to the article.

Stage 2: Analysing the documents

DESCRIBING - What you see (docs)
INTERPRETING - What you know (notions)
1. The nature of the migrant crisis: the Calais Jungle (cartoon)

Frame 1. Foreground: the Jungle inside the dunes, next to the beach with a lot of small tents, makeshift shelters
+ On the left: author & somebody else surprised, shocked + On the right: many nations (Afghan, Iraq, Syria + Sudan & Eritrea)
Background: a fence, a wall & 2 guards, policemen, behind trucks and cars speeding from & to the UK
Frame 2. Drawing: Focus, zoom on more tents and migrants asking the Kate Evans to help them but illegal so she refuses
Text: Nobody knows how many migrants, stuck in here and totally forgotten => hopeless, desperate

- Crisis in Calais due to 2015-2016 EU migrant crisis (see notions) => the Jungle (see notions)

- Asylum seekers -> refugees (see notions)
due to push factor: arc of crisis (ISIS) + political: civil war & dictatorship

- Open border for goods (free-trade + EU common market) & some people (visitors with tourist visas)
but closed for migrants as France inside Schengen but UK out => illegal crossings

2. The political impact of the crisis on Britain -and France (article)
P1 Political crisis in the UK: a weakened PM
- Media showing “dangerous migrants” => more anti-immigration gvt + more anti-EU pro-Brexit population
- PM's political problems: his immigration policy failed so difficult for him to promote staying in the EU
P2 Border crisis with France
- French threat: change the location of border control
- British reaction: more border security, stricter immigration policy + message for the migrants "there is no British dream, Britain is not paradise => don’t come over"

PM policy to reduce immigration failed => pro-EU but lost June 2016 Brexit referendum => resignation => Theresa May new PM in July (see Politics 1E)

+ French ending the Touquet treaty (see notions): checkpoint back in Dover

=> more border control by Frontex (see notions) + by UK police + message "the UK is NOT attractive" to reduce pull factors: Commonwealth + Welfare State (see notions)

Stage 3: Concluding
Assess docs (reliable/biased justified): To conclude, we have a reliable, with full references, but biased cartoon: Kate Evans feels compassion for the migrants and their situation ; & a reliable and more unbiased article: the journalist doesn't clearly take sides and just describes the facts
Sum-up ideas Both documents show the seriousness of the Calais migrant crisis involving the migrants from a humanitarian perspective but also impacting France and the UK, from a political point of view including immigration and border policies. + Nuance/opening This crisis contributed to the Brexit the British are currently negotiating to leave the EU in 2019.