Has immigration changed since the 19th century?

I. A changing immigration?
1. The nature of immigration today
It is still a mass immigration but origins shifted to non-Europeans from developing (see Geo def) countries (Latin America and Asia).
2. The reasons for today’s immigration
They haven’t changed much. They still include political push factors (def.) like fleeing civil war or economic pull factors (def.) as finding jobs in the USA, a developed (see Geo def) country.
3. The impact of immigration today
US border control is much stricter today : US closed border (def.) tries to stop illegal immigrants although the US economy needs the cheap workforce.

II. The same integration ?
1. A multicultural society (def)
US society is more cosmopolitan (def.) but ethnic communities still live in separate neighbourhoods : the USA is a salad bowl and not a melting pot.
2. A slow economic integration
Successive generations of immigrants progressively get better jobs and wages improving their standard of living (Geo def) but they still do less well than ‘Americans’.
3. A slow social integration
Over time immigrants benefit from better health services & housing ; their quality of life (Geo def) improves but is still lower than for ‘Americans’.