Where immigrants successful or not?

I. Deprivation: hard life, hard labour
1. Hard working conditions
Unskilled immigrants had a low standard of living (def) as they worked in the factories of the Industrial Revolution (def). Adults and children worked long hours for low wages.
2. Terrible living conditions
Immigrants had a low quality of life (def): they lived in squalid and overcrowded housing with no sanitation (toilets, bathroom), no heating and sometimes no light.
3. Their dreadful impact
Working and living conditions explain immigrants’ bad health and high mortality. Consequently US authorities tried to improve their quality of life (def) with a healthier environment.

II. Success: climbing the social ladder
1. Economic success
Immigrant self-made men (def) worked hard to improve their standard of living (def) and became successful businessmen. For example , a German immigrant became waiter, then bartender and finally a successful businessman.
2. Political responsibilities
Some immigrants self-made men (def) became politically influential as they wanted to protect the rule of law (def) and take part in American democracy. For instance, an Irish immigrant became construction worker, then policeman and finally mayor.
3. Social achievement
Skilled old immigration (def) sometimes achieved economic success, political power and social integration to the American elite thanks to intermarriage.