Did immigrants integrate easily?

I. Integration: forming a multicultural society
1. A cosmopolitan society
As old and new immigrants (def.) arrived from all over Europe, they formed a cosmopolitan society (def.).
2. More or less integrated ethnic communities
Newly-arrived immigrants settled in the neighbourhood where their own ethnic communities lived and changed the US into a multicultural society (def). They still spoke their native language but progressively used English.

II. Discrimination: victims of prejudice
1. Economic exploitation
Prejudiced Americans were afraid immigrants would take their jobs and threaten their standard of living (def) as employers preferred workers ready to accept unskilled jobs and low wages.
2. Social prejudice
Prejudiced Americans thought immigrant self-made men (def) would become arrogant upstarts when improving their standard of living (def).
3. Political threat
Prejudiced Americans feared immigrants wouldn’t respect the rule of law (def) and rig (manipulate, cheat) elections which would endanger American democracy.