What happened to immigrants when they arrived in the USA?

I. Landing in New York City :
1. More immigrants
Small old immigration (def) became mass new immigration (def).
2. So more border control (def)
Consequently Castle Garden, a small immigration station located in Manhattan, was closed in 1892 and was replaced by Ellis Island, larger and more isolated.
3. But still an open border (def)
Most immigrants passed the legal and medical inspections, it was humiliating but only 2 percent failed and were deported back to Europe.

II. Settling in America
1. In the industrial North-East
Unskilled workers settled in industrial cities and worked in the factories of the Industrial Revolution (def) to improve their standard of living (def).
2. In the wild West
On the frontier (def) skilled immigrants farmed and ranched while the unskilled mined hoping for a good standard of living (def).
3. But not in the Southern plantations
African-American slaves were emancipated in 1865 and became a cheap workforce with a low standard of living (def) and quality of life (def). Consequently immigrants weren't needed.