1. Method : Commenting on a line graph

Stage 1: introduction - Presenting the document
Rephrase references (type, title, author, source, publication date and place) : This graph from the International Coffee Organization compares the evolution of fair trade and market coffee prices with its cost of production from 2000 to 2005,
Give context (scale of the document, type of country mentioned): on a national scale, in Mexico an emerging country (BRICSAM).

Stage 2: Analysing the document

          Describing a cartoon - What you see
   structured (≠ parts) and detailed description
        Interpreting a cartoon - What you know
    add & structure the definition of key notions

1st line: market coffee price
- 1st period, 1st trend:
prices decrease, fall between 2000 and mid-2002 from nearly 1.2 dollar per pound, down to approximately 0.5 which is the minimum

Note: price are below production cost, aproximately 0.85, from the end of 2000 to the end of 2005

- 2nd period, 2nd trend:
prices increase, rise from about 0.5 dollar per pound in 2002, up to around 1.3 dollar which is the peak, the maximum

Negative aspect: unsustainable farming
Lower and unstable, fluctuating prices
=> Mexican farmer get a lower income or even lose money (when it's under production costs)
=> poverty and maybe unemployment
=> degraded standard of living
= unsustainable developement (give definition)

Positive aspect: sustainable farming
Mexican farmers sell at a good price so they have a high income
=> high standard of living (material comfort)
= sustainable developement (see definition in the Notions)
Fair trade def: buying and selling goods so that small producers, usually in developing countries, really benefit.
2nd line: faire trade coffee price
- stable at nearly 1.3 US dollar per pound
- higher than production cost at 0.85 US$/lb
- higher than market price

Stage 3: Concluding
Assess doc (reliable/biased justified): This line graph is reliable as it comes form an official source, the international coffee organization, and unbiased because a graph is based on figures. .
Sum-up ideas (+ nuance/opening): To conclude, to sum up, to recap, this graph shows that Mexican farmers’ standard of living is unstable because they depend on world coffee prices. It refers to unsustainable development but the solution could be fair trade coffee which is more sustainable.