1. Method : Commenting on a cartoon

Stage 1: introduction - Presenting the document
Rephrase references (type, title, author, source, publication date and place) : This cartoon by Zapiro published in the Los Angeles Times on 28 August 2002 criticizes the unsustainable development of the planet,
Give context (scale of the document, type of country mentioned): on a global / world scale but opposing the North to the South.

Stage 2: Analysing the document

Describing a cartoon - What you see
structured (≠ parts)and detailed description
Interpreting a cartoon - What you know
add & structure the definition of key notions
Top part: the North
- appearance : strong over-muscled upper body
- action : lifting weights
- expression : /
Bottom part: the South
- appearance : weak, thin, skinny legs
- action : trembling, shaking
- expression : /

On a regional scale

- North: developed countries that is to say high income, and HDI (income, health, education)

- South: developing countries that is to say medium or low income and HDI

- Appearance : standing mirror with Earth's reflection
- Action : looking at its feet
- Expression : surprised, worried
=> On a global scale:
Unsustainable development: economic inequalities, social differences and environmental damage

Stage 3: Concluding
Assess doc (reliable/biased justified): This cartoon is reliable as these differences between developed and developing countries actually exist but the cartoonist exaggerated because his goal is to criticize these inequalities, so it is biased.
Sum-up ideas (+ nuance/opening): To conclude, to sum up, to recap, this cartoon shows the inequalities and unsustainability of development between developed and developing countries. However, it doesn’t mention the most powerful emerging countries like the BRICSAM (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Mexico)