CS4 - Water management on a national scale in Australia,
a developed country
How necessary is sustainable water management?

I. Unsustainable management: Australia’s water crisis
Overexploitation, overuse: using resources faster than they can renew.
1. Economic priority (def.):
Farmers overuse water to irrigate fields and increase their production and income. However depleting water resources will lower their standard of living (def).
2. Social limitations (def.):
The population suffers from water rationing/restrictions which reduces quality of life (def).
3. Environmental damage (def.):
Drought destroys the ecosystem and endangers plant and animal species.

II. Sustainable management: Australia and water conservation
Conservation: protection, preservation, restoration of the natural environment
1. Economic decision (def.):
Better farming practices like drip irrigation save money, ensuring a higher standard of living (def).
2. Social responsibility (def.):
Advertising campaigns promote economizing and recycling to avoid restrictions and protect quality of life (def).
3. Environmental protection (def.):
Collecting rainwater in outside barrels, increases water supply  and improves quality of life (def).