CS2 - Oil production on a regional scale in the Niger delta
in a developing country
Can oil production provide sustainable development?

I. Unsustainable development : the Ogoni community destroyed by oil production
Oil companies sometimes have bad corporate practices (= focus on profits and not on social & environmental impact).
1. Environmental damage (def.):
Land, water and air pollution destroys the ecosystem and lowers quality of life (def).
2. Economic loss (def.):
Food production is polluted and falling, causing incomes to decrease and the standard of living (def) to drop.
3. Social instability (def.):
Peaceful demonstrations or armed rebellion show that the population denounces its bad quality of life (def).

II. Sustainable development : the Akassa people benefiting from oil production
Oil companies can also believe in corporate social responsibility (= a company's positive initiatives to improve the community and environment).
1. Economic growth (def.):
Building a new market means more trade, so incomes increase as well as the standard of living (def).
2. Social equity (def.):
Offering a better education gives a better quality of life (def) because children will have better jobs later.
3. Environmental protection (def.):
If endangered species are protected, like turtles, ecosystem balance is ensured.