CS1 - Development on a national scale in Bangladesh
in a developing country
Why does development need to be sustainable?

I. Unsustainable development : deprivation in Bangladesh
Deprivation : the lack of basic material necessities of life, as adequate food & shelter
1. Economic crisis (def.):
Most workers earn low or irregular wages and have a low income. Consequently they have a low income and a low standard of living (see introduction for definition).
2. Social inequality (def.):
Living in a shantytown means bad housing and malnutrition. So their quality of life (see introduction for definition) is low.
3. Environmental damage (def.):
Deforestation is caused by poor farmers who need more land. Consequently they mismanage the ecosystem & lower their quality of live (def).

II. Sustainable development : microfinance in Bangladesh
Microfinance / microcredit : very small loan made to the poor to start their own business.
1. Economic growth (def):
New jobs, like phone operator, are created ; so people have an income which improves their standard of living
2. Social equity (def.):
Better child nutrition (sufficient & balanced diet) means better health and consequently an improved quality of life.
3. Environmental protection (def.):
Reforestation re-creates a balanced ecosystem and improves the environment.