GLOBAL CITIES • • Method 2

Stage 1 - Introduction: presenting the documents
Similarities: Both documents deal with the prosperity of New York City, so on a local scale, in the economic capital of the USA, a dvped country.
Differences: The 1st doc is an ad about NYC’s economic power from the webpage ”Why NYC” posted by the NYC Economic Development Corporation on and retrieved on 2 November 2021 whereas the 2nd doc is a report about Safeguarding NYC shore by Scott M. Stringer, NYC Comptroller and published by the Bureau of Policy and Research on May 9, 2019.
Announce structure: In a first part I’ll focus on NYC global power & in a second part I’ll show it is threatened.

Stage 2 - Analysing the documents

DESCRIBING - What you see (docs)
INTERPRETING - What you know (notions)
1. A global power with the ad

A global business centre:
Manhattan skyscrapers & a financial centre: 1.46 billion share traded in NY stock exchange, #1 foreign direct investment strategy (Careful: 1.5 ≠ 1,5)
A high-tech centre:
global tech hub, tech startup value of 147 billion $ with Talent : young, diverse, highly skilled workforce

Central business district (def), cluster (def), hub (def), pull factor (def 2E), migration (def)

=> city in the last stage of globalisation (def), thanks to its power but also thanks to urban marketing (def)

2. But a threatened city with the report

P1 The threat: climate change.
NYC located on the coast
=> risk now = rising sea + future risk: more extreme weather events if no local investment & no global agreement.
=> P2 Addressing it: an eco. & social priority.
- Eco: must protect critical infrastructure & jobs
- Social: must protect middle & low income pop.

Climate change (def. 2E) and need for energy transition (def 2E)

- global city (def) at risk
- be more inclusive, less polarised (def)
=> avoid unsustainable dvpt (def 2E)

Stage 3 - Concluding
Assess docs (reliable/biased justified): To conclude, these documents are reliable as we have their full references ; the ad is biased as it is promoting NYC but the report is unbiased because it just gives the facts..
Sum-up ideas These docs show that NYC has a global economic power but that it is highly vulnerable to climate change despite its wealth and power.
+ Open
We may wonder if London, another global city, is as vulnerable to climate change, although it is located on the Thames and not on the coast.