GLOBAL CITIES • • Method 1

Stage 1 - Introduction: presenting the documents
Similarities: Both documents deal with the prosperity of London, so on a local scale, the capital city of the UK, a dvped country.
Differences: The 1st doc is an article about/entitled London-centric by Jon Kelly and published by/on BBC News on 30 September 2015 whereas the 2nd doc is a line graph (other graphs: bar graph & circular graph) comparing house prices by the Mayor of London and published in Travel in London in 2017.
Announce structure: In a 1st part I’ll focus on London’s impressive prosperity & in a second part I’ll analyse its inequalities.

Stage 2 - Analysing the documents

DESCRIBING - What you see (docs)
INTERPRETING - What you know (notions)
1. An impressive prosperity (article §1)

Wealth: impressive skyline, 2 financial centres, affluent housing to live in and invest thanks to regeneration
=> Power: global city, global domination as eco centre, tech hub, political center

2 business districts (def), super-gentrification (def), urban renewal (def)

Global city (def), cluster (def) + from 2E Politics: Parliament in Westminster Palace and PM Boris Johnson in 10 Downing St.

2. But an unequal city (article §2 + line graph)

Article P2 Poverty for over a quarter of the pop which is higher than UK, with UK’s 2 most deprived boroughs => have to move out of city centre because too expensive (see graph)
Graph Evolution: London house prices increased far more than in the MA or SE =>
in 2017, London prices 2.25% higher than UK average and > MA & SE

Polarised city (def), deprivation (def)

=> push factor (def 2E) migration (def), urban sprawl (def)

Stage 3 - Concluding
Assess docs (reliable/biased justified): To conclude, these documents are reliable as we have their full references and both are unbiased: the article is balanced (+ & -) and the graph shows facts, figures..
Sum-up ideas These documents show that, although London is the most powerful city of the UK, economically & politically, it is also the most unequal city of the country.
+ Open
We may wonder if the situation is similar in another global city like New York.